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I started this blog partly because I was intrigued by the concept of managing my own static content, and partly because I’m playing with the idea of making some of my writing public.

On technical topics

More often than not, I’ll come across a topic that I’m interested in with source material that is too technical for me to dive into. I’ll try to brute force it for a bit, but I’ll usually end up putting it aside for another day.

Sometime down the road, I’ll chance upon a one-liner tweet or a blog post with just the right level of abstraction, and boom, I’ll have a strong enough mental model of that concept to take on the original literature.

I’m relatively new to tech, so I hope that by documenting my journey, I’ll be able to help others find that same ‘aha!’ moment and set them on their way.

On non-technical topics

I’m an introspective person, so it can sometimes get a little crowded in my head. Writing things down helps me refocus and refine what I’m pondering. As a good friend once said, it helps “close the chapter”.

I’m also inspired to write by a bunch of people in tech.